C.U.C.- Dada Festival: Resistance

dada-liz-100DADA Festival: Resistance
18 November – 5 December 2009

The exhibition part of Dada Fest 2009. Following the success of her performance at Antony Gormley’s Plinth in Trafalgar Square. ‘Resistance’ showcases a brand new installation from Liz Crow. It features a national touring, moving image installation exploring Aktion-T4, the Nazi, mass-murder programme that led to the death of a quarter of a million disable people.

Through the story of Elise, a woman who showed courage in the face of horror, we bear witness to one of the truly imperfect moments of the last century. Read More

Challenging a neglected part of our history whilst raising critical questions for today, Resistance is a disturbing, sometimes chilling work of art.

It is also tender and hauntingly beautiful, delivering hope and a sense of promise for the future.The installation runs for 30 minutes, beginning at quarter past and quarter to every hour.

Also, Linked event at the Bluecoat on 27th and 28th November.

For further details, visit www.dadahello.com