C.U.C. – AFRO B.I.A.

bea-01-100AFRO B.I.A.
7 – 25 October 2009
Pidgin Productions once again bring something rare and unique to commemorate Black history Month. Presented under the heading ‘AFRO B.I.A.’ (Black Is Ace). The exhibition shows unforgettable moving image, still photography and  a collection of old vinyl records which reflects on the activity of Liverpool Black youth during the 70’s and 80’s.

The exhibition includes the first showing of footage of the king of Pop; Michael Jackson being interviewed by local black youth when he appeared at the Liverpool Empire 1972 (That Tour with the Jackson Five broke the box office exceeding the Beatles. (footage courtesy of the Black- E)

For further information:
Pidgin Productions  0151-708-5708 or info@pidgin.org.uk