C.U.C. – A Different View

image‘A Different View’
Exhibition June 13 to June 27 2008

Learners from Liverpool Community College, Shorefields Art Group LALS, Broadoak Occupational Therapy, Roots and South Drive exhibit their work.



In the Humble & Connolly Gallery

Firstly they have worked utilising recycled materials and found objects to create artworks suggested to them by the materials and their interests; Tin Men, Tea Lady and The Hulk are just three titles from this section.

Since Christmas the groups have worked with the theme of ‘What Liverpool means to me’ to produce an art exhibition in response to some of Liverpool’s most iconic symbols, landscapes and culture. Artworks include an ‘Emotional Map of Liverpool’ and illustrated writings of early memories. Much of this exhibition has recently returned from Stavanger in Norway which, like Liverpool, is also currently celebrating being European Capital of Culture.



The exhibition is a creative collaboration between Mental Health Service Users, Staff and Artists from Mersey Care NHS Trust and Liverpool Community College. It aims to engage the learners in creative activity which can aid with recovery. When we are engaged in something creative we instinctively know that it is doing us good. Increasingly, this ‘instinct’ is being confirmed for people with mental health issues, as research evidence links creative activity with recovering, meaningful lives.

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