C.U.C. – 13 by Seven

13-by-seven-1113 by Seven, Ceramics collective
13 January – 16 February 2011
13 by Seven is a collective of contemporary artists originating from a six-week residency program at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center in Skaelskor, Denmark. We hail from Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
As ceramicists, our work occupies the realm of tangibility. By and large, we interact physically with our material. We knead, roll, pinch, pour, smooth, carve and coil our way to finished works, our direct contact with clay at the very core of the creative process.
Gathering at Guldagergaard, we have become aware that this tangible nature of our material is likewise reflected in our desire for authentic, palpable contact with other ceramic artists; we see this as a vital element of a sustained artmaking practice. At a time when both social and professional networking are becoming increasingly virtual pursuits, we recognize the importance of forging and maintaining real, personal connections with fellow artists. We acknowledge among us – as well as in the field of ceramics at large – a tendency toward sharing, conviviality, and corralling of resources ranging from acquired knowledge to physical strength in the interest of pushing the boundaries of the material.
Having begun a lively exchange to this end in the studios at Guldagergaard, our intention is to nurture continued dialogue as we return to our respective countries through a series of exhibitions, workshops, lectures and collaborations. Through these opportunities to sustain tangible interaction, our collective will serve as a conduit for this quality that is inherently fundamental to our practice as ceramic artists.