The Cornerstone Gallery: Edward Carter Preston

15 June – 31 August 2012

Viewing: 14 June 18 – 20:00

An intimate look at the private work of Liverpool artist and craftsman Edward Carter

Carter Preston (1884 -1965) was a prolific artist who mastered many techniques
and materials.  Best known for his sculpture in the Anglican Cathedral and medal
commissions for the Royal Mint, his personal archive includes hundreds of drawings,
designs, paintings, carvings and sketchbooks documenting his own unique creative
journey. These works, presented with samples of public commissions, offer a rare
insight into his creative practice supported by observations of family and friends and
his home city of Liverpool.

This is the first time the archive has been exhibited and will be an exciting opportunity
to see many previously unseen works.

The exhibition is drawn from the collection of the Liverpool Hope University Carter
Preston Foundation, custodian of the estate of renowned ceramicist Julia Carter
Preston and her husband Michael Pugh Thomas.


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