Cornerstone – Teaching the Eye to See

logoTeaching the Eye to See exhibition
6 July – 10 July 2010

Every two years the “Teaching the Eye to See” Art Group of Liverpool Hope University holds and Exhibition of work done by the group. The Exhibition is held in the Grace Room at Hope’s Cornerstone Building in the City.

The following gives a resume of the work on show.

The “Teaching the Eye to See” Art Group was founded in 1998 by a group of academics from Liverpool Hope, taught by Peter Moore.
One Wednesday evening class was originally formed but five years later the waiting list was such that a second, afternoon, class started.  From that time two classes have been run at the University, and there is still a waiting list!

The Course
The group was founded on the principles of John Ruskin with his mantra “Once you see clearly enough you will draw”

The basics of pencil control and drawing are taught alongside the elements of composition, tonality and line quality.  None of the present group is fearful of drawing and came to this confidence quite quickly.

Painting, mostly in acrylics, but with watercolour and pastels, is taught alongside the basic understanding of colour theory.

To reinforce three-dimensional principles, some basic sculptural work is undertaken.

We also arrange two visits a year to our Outdoor Education Centre at Plas Caerdeon, near Barmouth where we respond to the stunning environment in a variety of ways..

The group now comprises people from all walks of life and undertake the classes in a serious manner in a convivial atmosphere.  Some participants have been with us for the whole 12 years of our existence whilst others have only joined recently