Cornerstone – Quartered Drawn and Hung

qdh-100‘Quartered, Drawn and Hung’ – An Exhibition of Drawing: by Definition, Concept and Practice
19 November 2010 – 18 February 2011

Drawing, despite its long and complex history, constantly adapts to each age and remains anĀ  indispensable activity common to all contemporary creative activity and application. For artists and designers, the use of drawing, in all its possible manifestations, is fundamental to the thinking, recording and development of individual possibilities and visual language.

For some, it can become the language of choice. In all its forms it is indispensable to a continually developing creative dialogue.

Drawing in its rawest sense is not only the physical act of rendering studies within the tradition of graphite/charcoal on paper: drawing is a process. It is the process of observing and drawing in of visual information from a primary source.
It is the process of the thinking about the information accrued and its intellectual analysis and synthesis. It is the physical articulation of drawing out that same intellectualised information, via suitable media, and placing it upon an appropriate substrate. That physical articulation needs as much practice and development as does the act of seeing.

Bryan Biggs, John Bratby, Pete Clarke, Anne Desmet, Sara Devourex-Ward, Peter Dover, Janice Egerton, Emma Gregory, Samantha Greenall, Rolf Harris, Lin Holland, Richard Hooper, Jason Jones, David Mathison, Tabitha Moses, Gary Northfield, Charlotte Owens, Roozbeh Rajaie, Arthur Roberts, Wayne Robinson, Jacqui Scholes, Tony Smith,
Constatine Soteriou, Fiona Ward, Alan Whittaker, Richard Young.