Cornerstone – Jane Hughes ‘A year in the life of the Cornerstone’

jane-hughes-100Jane Hughes – ‘A year in the life of the Cornerstone’
11 September – 2 October 2009

Since November 2008 Jane Hughes has been involved in a documentary project at the Cornerstone Building, Liverpool Hope University’s Creative and Performing Arts Campus, where she has been Artist in Residence.

Hughes has compiled a record of everyday life at the Cornerstone through the media of drawing and writing. No photographic recording devices are used as Hughes prefers the raw qualities of direct observational drawing. She identifies a viewpoint then simply sits and draws. Each composition can take up to several hours to complete becoming an organic meditative process of seeing, choice and documentation; committing line to paper incorporating temporal movements within each chosen environment. Listening as part of her experience is also an important element of Hughes’ portfolio. Sounds, smells and snatches of conversation peculiar to each working area being recorded alongside many of the drawings.

Hughes’ documentary-style investigations have been greatly enhanced by her ongoing research into the Mass Observation project set up in Great Britain in 1937.

To date the project has enlisted artists, poets, writers and filmmakers, as well as the general public, to record aspects of everyday life in Britain.

Jane Hughes