Cornerstone Gallery: The Map Project

16 July – 29 August 2014


Liverpool Hope University is pleased to present The Map Project, an international community and collaborative touring exhibition that is gaining momentum as it tours Europe.

Exploring a personal perception of HOME, whether it is geographical, cultural, historical or simply relaying an experience of landscape, immediate environments and changing seasons, the Map Project has brought together eighteen artists from Croatia, Montenegro, Australia and the UK to creatively connect textile practices through the experience and perceived impact of what HOME means to them individually.

The project bridges international boundaries and is creating new friendships, working partnerships, through the exchange of skills and exchange of knowledge.

unnamedThe Map Project has been self-funded since it commenced in Merseyside in June 2013. It was first exhibited in Montenegro in May 2014 and later in Croatia in June.


Each group of four to five artists, have created a single topographical map approximately 1.5m squared using materials, techniques and styles of their choice.

The 18 artists are:

Stanka Antanasijević (Montenegro), Nina Dragan Belić (Croatia),

Julie Armstrong (Australia), Yvonne Body (UK), Christina Fardell (Croatia),

Kjell (Australia), Mirjana Konta (Croatia), Deborah Leser (Australia),

Viv Netherwood (UK), Vahida Hasanagic Nimanbegu (Montenegro),

Marija Papac (Croatia), Sonja Privrat (Croatia), Judhit Railton (UK)

Renata Mašanović Rijavec (Montenegro), Adriana von Runic (Australia),

Helen Smith (UK), Istra Toner (UK), Milena Vladisavljević (Montenegro)

The Map Project welcomes applications from new international artists with an intention to widen cultural partnerships through the exchange of skills and knowledge on a global scale.

Liverpool Hope University, Creative Campus