Cornerstone Gallery: Nova

2 – 7 May 2015

10am – 4pm


Preview and auction, 1 May 6-8pm

The Liverpool Art Collective represents 24 aspiring artists. This May they present their first collaborative exhibition – Nova: a cataclysmic explosion of artistic energy and thinking.

Providing an insight into emerging art practices in Liverpool, Nova brings together a diverse range of artworks encompassing painting, sculpture and installation.

The Liverpool Art Collective is:

Hannah Al Najjar, Hannah Coughlin, Bethany Davies, Ellen Dean, Shannon Duffy, Lauren Fox, Jamie Heague, Briony Hunter, Michaela Jones, Laura Kershaw, Joseph Macrobie, Paige Malloy, Karina Mavromatis, Ruby Maxwell, Angela McEvilly, Anna Middleton, Stephanie Miello, Alexandra O’Neill, Melinda Saunders, Megan Smith, James Taylor, Andrew Trimble, Shaneka Tara Williams and Amy Worsley.

The Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool Hope University, Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool, L6 1HP

The Liverpool Art Collective are second year Fine Art students at Liverpool Hope University. / @LivCollective


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