Cornerstone Gallery – Fine Art & Design Degree Show 2010

hope-degree-100Liverpool Hope University Fine Art & Design Degree Show 2010
22 – 28 May 2010

Liverpool Hope University’s own graduates present a unique multi-disciplinary exhibition; an eclectic fusion of ideas, technique, materials, narrative and form. This show consists of Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Functional and Non-Functional Design works in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Textiles.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the creativity and artistic vision of works that challenge, express, divide, confront and question all areas of contemporary Fine and applied Art and Design.

Fine Art is about change, challenge, communication and application.  It is about exploring individual creativity through visual possibilities in an increasingly context-aware, media-saturated and complex world.  Fine Art provides the structure for the pursuit of individual creative experiences and endeavour, intellectual study and the fulfilment of creative potential.  A full programme of two-and three-dimensional study, incorporating a variety of fine art medie, is underpinned throughout by critical studies in contemporary and historical art.

Design. The Bachelor of Design course deals with printed and constructed textiles, studio and industrial ceramics, interior and street furniture, objects for the interior, product desugn silversmithing and jewellery.  The programme enables students to develop a visual and discerning understanding of the importance of design within a wide variety of specialist material areas relevant to their individual learning, personal development and future employment.



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