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Cornerstone Gallery – ‘Camouflage of Truth’ by Peter Lewis

peter-lewis-100‘Camouflage of Truth’ by Peter Lewis
26 February – 15 April 2010 (Extended)
Where conflict, power, belief and political expediency come together is the territory where Peter Lewis positions his personal practice; an art engaged in a dialogue of the current social and political realities around us. It explores duplicity, cultural systems and reflects on the futility of individuals, as well as armies to create new environments and societies.

The work pulls together a variety of strands from news stories, events and personal experiences that act as counterpoints between East and West. Lewis believes that media coverage of events and sound bite reporting reinforces Western preconceptions and facilitates mythical notions of realities on the ground. His art interrogates concepts of duality, or paradoxical situations that often involve contradictory elements. Indeed, this is part of a fundamental art making strategy within his practice, a dichotomy that reveals an alternative narrative.

Inspired by experience working in Jordan ‘Camouflage of Truth’ was first exhibited at The Wrexham Arts Centre in 2007. It is with great pleasure that The Cornerstone Gallery is able to present this Exhibition showcasing new added work.

Peter Lewis – Olive Series, 420mm