Cornerstone Gallery: Body Topographies

30 January – 14 March 2014

Private View 30 January 18.00 – 20.00


Body Topographies is an exhibition of photographic works featuring local dancer Rachel Sweeney and her performance company Orr and Sweeney. The collaborative work explores the creative links that exist between the body and its environment. Created in a series of dynamic locations throughout Australia during her recent research trip (Dr Sweeney was appointed as a Visiting Fellow to the Australian National University in 2012), the work offers a highly unusual insight into a vital and ever changing relationship between body and environment through a series of movement portraits which illustrate physical processes surrounding ecological change.

Rachel Sweeney is a Senior Lecturer in Dance at Liverpool Hope University whose research engages with performance ecology acts through dance processes, based in site specific practice. She is co-Artistic Director of Orr and Sweeney international dance collective who facilitate residential research intensives in remote and regional locations in UK and Australia, developing a method for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary live research practice based in site, bringing together professionals from land science and various arts disciplines.  (

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