Cornerstone: Altered Communication

Altered Communication. 30 January – 6 March 2009
An Exhibition of works by the art faculty and students of Concordia University’s Art Department in Irvine, CA, USA. This exhibition will highlight new artwork created by four faculty members and eight students’ within the art faculty of Concordia University’s Art Department in Irvine, CA.

We are also pleased to welcome Professor Gretchen Beck, Head of the Arts Faculty at Concordia University, who will be giving a talk in the Grace Room at 12pm here at The Cornerstone Building. This talk is free and open to anyone wishing to attend. Professor Beck will also be attending the Private Viewing later on that evening.

The exhibition gives the viewer an opportunity to witness the artist’s different interpretation of the word communication through digital image making, mixed-media and painting. In unifying the exhibition with a universal theme that is perceived differently across cultures, it gave each artist a challenging task; how to represent visually how we communicate in today’s diverse societies.



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