Corke Gallery: ‘Hate and Love’ by Charlie Frais

‘Hate and Love’ by Charlie Frais
28 June – 31 July 2010
The exhibition by Charlie Frais featuring a mix of challenging political pieces as well as social scenes and landscapes, cubist in style but featuring strong figurative elements, painted with a restricted colour palette.

Born in Liverpool in 1956, Charlie spent 25 years as a solicitor specialising in civil and human rights particularly with regard to tenants, asylum seekers and care in the community cases. His work reflects his deeply held beliefs which come out in this exhibition ‘Hate & Love’.

His hates includes injustice, institutionalised religion and ignorance in its many forms whilst his loves are music, countryside, buildings and people.

Charlie always steers a path away from the mundane and what is normal preferring to gravitate towards extremes and this is also reflected in his use of colour, shape and depth in this exhibition of his most recent work.

The gallery is open Monday – Saturday 5pm ‐ 8pm during exhibitions.
Viewing is available at other times by appointment by calling 07773 287827.


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