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Contemporary Art Space Chester: Let in Light – Photography by Tabitha Jussa

Friday 4 March – Friday 18 March 2016
Opening Event: Thursday 3 March 2016, 17.00 – 19.00

Open Mon. to Fri. only 10.00 – 16.00

Let in Light – Photography by Tabitha Jussa

A continuation of works that were presented at Metal Culture, Liverpool as part of
the Liverpool Art Prize 2014.

Let in Light
Socio political examination of housing stock and principles.

“Let in Light and sunshine to the dwellings of the people, and with the light will come health. Without health there can be very little happiness.” Count Derby, 1912.

The Count and Countess of Derby officially opened Eldon Grove, situated close to Scotland Road and Liverpool’s docks, in 1912 with an altruistic vision of offering Liverpool’s workers decent housing centred on community.

This body of work seeks to examine a selection of locations in Liverpool that reflect upon the management of the people and the spaces of the city past, present and future.

They highlight triumphs, failures and short sightedness within society both physically and metaphysically in the treatment of people and place, acting out local governmental practice and central government policies.

The images are constructed in such a way as to be able to print at large scale, encouraging the viewer to macro and microscopically read each picture, a nod to the tradition of the painted tableau.

The work explores taking the medium of photography beyond its immediate time boundaries, to snatch a miniscule moment in time – a snapshot.