Constellations: Isla Nublar – A Jurassic Park Inspired Event and Exhibition

No Homers Club Presents
Isla Nublar, A Jurassic Park Inspired Event and Art Exhibition
Launch Night – 19.00, Friday 9 October 2015

“I own an island, off the coast of Costa Rica. I’ve leased it from the government and I’ve spent the last five years setting up a kind of biological preserve. Really spectacular, spared no expense. It’ll make the one I’ve got down in Kenya look like a petting zoo. And there’s no doubt, our attractions will drive kids out of their minds.” John Hammond (Sir Richard Attenborough)

Following No Homers Club’s first sell out event inspired by everyone’s favourite sitcom, The Simpsons, they are back with an event of prehistoric proportions.

The Jurassic Park inspired, Isla Nublar, launches Friday, October 9 2015.

Teaming up again with the highly creative crew at Constellations, No Homers Club are creating an island experience influenced by the location of the Jurassic Park novel and film franchise.

Once you enter through the famous gates, get ready to start running for your life from our genetically cloned dinosaurs, walk freely around our artistic enclosures and experience the novel and film along with some incredible performance and live music.

MUSIC: Channeling their paleontological hero Ross Gellar for a special Isla Nublar set, cult Manchester band, SEX HANDS, are renowned for their wild gigs and raucous songs about the sitcom Friends. High energy and high kicking, ORGAN FREEMAN, are guaranteed to terrorise park visitors more than any dinosaur, while Jurassic Park über fans, SILENT SLEEP plan to grace your ear holes with their alt-folk ditties.

At Isla Nublar you will find all kinds of interactive activities and artwork to please passing Jurassic Park enthusiasts and the biggest cult fans.

Gamers, Foodies, Musicians, Tattooists, Costume Designers, Face Painters, Artists, Embroiderers, DJs and Writers will all pay tribute to the bestselling Spielberg film and Michael Crichton novel.

Tickets are available through Skiddle.

Family Day Workshops (FREE ENTRY) and Film Screening –  Saturday 10 October

Over the Saturday there will be screen printing, harmonica and art workshops, accessible for all ages and in the evening we will be showing a fully licensed screening of the original Spielberg classic, Jurassic Park. Those who attend the launch night can get a discounted ticket to the film screening.

Print & Craft Fair (FREE ENTRY) –  Saturday 11 October
On the Sunday there will be print fair where the Isla Nublar artists and some of Liverpool’s finest crafters will sell their work. There’ll be zines, jewellery and some amazing art on sale.

Laura Kate Chapman / Martin Kirke / Harrison Edwards / Ria Fell / Jack Ehlen / Sick Note / Camille De Saint Sauveur / Bex Baker & Sarah Hart / Grace Malone / Adam Nevols / Jon Turner / Ellie Barrett / Emma Worth / David Roberts / Summuya Khader / Laura Marsh / QUAD / Jake Goouge / Maisie Platts / Kathryn Jones / Mark Dormand / Colette Settle / Sophie Heywood