Chapel Gallery – Objects of Desire 2009

objects-chapel-100Objects of Desire 2009
7 November 2009 – 9 January 2010
This annual exhibition spotlights innovation in the field of contemporary craft and is an ideal opportunity to purchase original pieces as perfect Christmas gifts. In this show, you’ll find creations produced by established makers shown alongside exciting fresh talents.
Exhibiting Artists:
Laura Birdsall, Cloversoul, Anna Creighton, Vanessa Cutler, Navdeep Dhiman, Lisa Jane Forrester, Sarah Malone, Sonja Moss-Dolega, Denise
O’Sullivan, Emer O’Sullivan, Janine Partington, Amy Perkins, Marie Prett, Julie Roberts, Helaina Sharpley, Kirsty Shaw, Ruth Singer, Hannah Souter, Andrea

Thorpe, Penny Warren, Jane Withers and Eileen White.

Venue details

‘Superman Dog’  Marie Prett