Ceri Hand Gallery: Henny Acloque: Lugar de culto

Ceri Hand Gallery: Henny Acloque: Lugar de culto

13 January 2012  –  25 February 2012

Viewing: 12 January 18-20:00

Henny Acloque’s second solo exhibition at the gallery features new paintings, (all 2011), that draw on her family’s collections of auction catalogues and postcards featuring landscape paintings.

The title Lugar de culto (Place of worship), reflects Acloque’s investigation into our relationship to nature, the transfer of knowledge (public, private, between artists), and the consumption of art and objects.

Continuing to appropriate the work of dead artists, Acloque forensically unpicks and reassembles the layers of each image she works from. She speaks of her paintings being “evidence of evidence of evidence”.


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