Liverpool Central Library: Legends of Flight presents Hidden Worlds

14 March

17.00, 19.00


Legends of Flight invite you to an immersive live musical/visual performance of a new composition in the amazing surroundings of the Discover Room in Liverpool Central Library.

Building on themes and ideas explored during their recent performance / installation projects “Tinted Venus” staged at the Sculpture Room of the Walker Art Gallery, and “Alone/Together” in Metal at Edge Hill Station, Legends of Flight have written new material through a collaborative process between a number of musicians, visual artists and programmers.

Using a combination of electronic and traditional acoustic instrumentation and custom developed software, the performance will be illustrated by interactive projected visuals, controlled in real time by the sonic nuances of the voices and instruments being played.

The audience will be encouraged to listen to the musical performance while lying on the floor to view the interactive visuals projected onto the ceiling.
Liverpool Central Library, William Brown Street, L3 8EW


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