The Blade Factory, Camp and Furnace: The1st4 – DiCTATE

29 April 2014



Dictate – noun, an order or principle that must be obeyed. 

After a successful launch night at The Blade Factory in February, it was decided to have a platform to specifically create opportunities for collaboration and experimentation. This is why The1st4 created DiCTATE, a strand which will create a platform for artists working in the fields of live and performance art to collaborate with artists from other disciplines and create unique and experimental pieces.

The guiding concept behind DiCTATE is to invite an artist from any discipline working in any medium to create a ‘performance score’ that score is then given to a performance artist to interpret in whatever manner they see fit.

For the first DiCTATE we have brought together two artists; dancer Ayaka Furukawa (The Scape, Threshold ’14) will be using a series of improvised movements to interpret the performance score created by video artist Dan Mahony (10,000 Hrs). The score entitled ‘The Slow Death of the Jazz Singer’ takes its inspiration from the work of foley Artists, the people who make the sound for the movies.

Focusing on the ghoulish fact that a lettuce is stabbed to recreate the sound of people being attacked ‘The Slow Death of the Jazz Singer’ takes a comedic look at our relationship with violence. It will all combine into a performance which will through improvised movement and sound explore notions that are as absurd as they are serious.

The Blade Factory, Camp and Furnace 67 Greenland St Liverpool L1 0BY / @the1stfour