Camp & Furnace: Synaesthesia Feast: Project Zero

5 February


Camp & Furnace (Gold Room)

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Five courses of creative and stimulating food coupled with music and visuals by local artists. Each artist followed guidelines based on psychological research in to a form of weak synaesthesia. The end product an immersive and heightened dining experience.


A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color.

The Synaesthesia Feast does not just intend to satisfy the taste buds, but draws upon scientific research to combine each course with audio and visual sensory stimulation, to create a holistic dining experience. Not only a collaboration of the senses but of local musicians, chefs, visual artists and psychologists, to create a fascinating journey of the senses. Held at the award winning Camp and Furnace, in it’s own words a pop up fold down drive through event space. The perfect Match.

Project zero is the Synaesthesia Feast’s first major project. A five-course feast of the senses. Throughout the evening you will be served an array of creative and stimulating foods. Each course will be integrated with music and visuals by local artists including Rich O’Flynn from All We Are and a live performance from the Singing Bowl Orchestra.

Each artist was given a set of guidelines to follow based on psychological research in to weak synaesthesia. Synaesthesia is thought by some to be on a spectrum and although not everybody has synaesthesia, we all make correspondences between different sensory dimensions. For example most people would correspond the taste of lemon with a high-pitched sound and a spiked shape.  The artists used these shared associations to create their work.

Each piece stemmed from an exciting vegetarian menu created by Gina Tsang. As the artists tasted the food they were asked to envisage its properties in to music and visuals. The end product an immersive and heightened dining experience.



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