Camp & Furnace: Inprint Festival

31 May 2015

12pm – 5pm

Print Fair / Exhibition / DJs / Workshops

Inprint is a not-for-profit organisation run by Holly Gleave and Emily Briselden Waters, founded in 2012. The aim of the collective is to create s a platform to promote local talent based in Liverpool and the surrounding North West.

The one-day festival will be spread scross the 3 main rooms of the venue, Camp, Furnace and the Blade Factory, and includes a print fair featuring 60 tables of designers, print makers and illustrators selling their own work.

Featured sellers: Scott Duffey / Squirrel & Tiffin / Dave Dodd / Alex T Frazer / Caroline Dowsett / Sophie Heywood / The Modernist Magazine / Generic Greeting Collective

Workshops: Inprint Festival will be supported by GF Smith papers, they will be providing us with all of the paper to use for all workshops on the day. They will also have a stand promoting the work that they do.

Hot Bed Press is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing printmaking facilities and workshops to support artists and printmakers throughout the UK. They are the largest open access print workshop in the North West and currently have 230 members. They will be joining us at Inprint Festival and providing visitors with the opportunity to try out a series of print activities including screen printing. They will also have a stand where visitors can find out more information on the courses that they offer.

Karen Edwards is the founder of Red Button Press, a print maker based in Liverpool. Her work uses old lead and wooden blocks on a vintage press Adana 8 x 5. She will be offering visitors the chance to print their own personalised postcard using the press.

In Conversation: As part of the Inprint Festival we will be hosting an in conversation discussing the pros and cons of being a self publisher and the creative world of DIY Zines.

This will be chaired by Liverpool based magazine Bido Lito!. Bido Lito! is “the music magazine for a new Liverpool.” In 2010 they launched a physical magazine – pink paged old-school and inky. They also have a website which they use to complement and accentuate the work of the magazine.

They will be joined by Queen of the Track, a new zine for women. Their team includes feminists, artists, writers, gamers and wig wearers.

Also taking part in the discussion will be Chella Quint. Chella is a public engager, comedy writer, performer, artist, designer, educator, and old school zine girl from Brooklyn, New York who now lives in Sheffield, England.

Exhibition: Alongside the event we will also be hosting an exhibition exploring the relationship between postcards and print. It is open to all and the deadline for submissions is Monday 25 May. The full brief is below.


There has always been a strong link between the postal service and printed material. Sending postcards is a dying tradition and we want to bring it back and celebrate its past.

We want you to utilise the small and personal A6 space – push it to the limits. This exhibition is an open submission, calling for all artists and designers to produce a postcard from your idea place, whether that be real or imaginary.

Any medium can be used however as we would like to make more than once copy a digital file is required and should be submitted by 25 May. Please send submissions to

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