The Brindley: 7 artists – 7 days – Inspired by Cézanne

image The Brindley – 7 artists – 7 days – Inspired by Cézanne
25 April – 30 May 2009

In the centenary year of his death, seven artists from the UK spent a week in Aix en Provence responding to the life, art and surroundings of Cézanne.  Artisits: Jeanette Barnes, Bryan Biggs, Adam Dant, Leo Duff, Anita Klein, Julia Midgley, Nigel Swift

The challenge to all seven artists was to find a 21st century solution to the idea of Cézanne, his work and his relevance to contemporary artists.

How to make drawings from Cézanne’s landscape which were not decorative, which were the result of original ideas: which referred to Cézanne’s process and which succeeded in their own right.

Fri 29 May Artists’ Talk and reception from 6.30pm
FREE event refreshments will be served.

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