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Brindley: ‘The Lightfoot Letters’

13 August – 17 September 2011 at The Brindley, ‘The Lightfoot Letters’

The Lightfoot Letters are remarkable historical documents which provide a detailed portrait of working class life in Widnes in 1923. Artist Maria Walker bought the letters in an antique shop, was enthralled by them and created a body of artwork around them. When she later met poet Angela Topping, and a collaboration was begun, she was not to know that Angela was the daughter of one of the letter-writers, Peter Lightfoot. The exhibition explores the letters through a range of different textile art and poetry, to create an amazing fusion of ideas.

Tuesday 30th August 10am – 3pm @ the Brindley
Reminiscence Workshop
You will make a memory collage and write a poem in this workshop. Please bring a copy of a photograph that means something to you, and a selection of items to use such as fabric and paper scraps, old buttons, any documents significant to you such as postcards, letters, and old schoolbooks. After making your collage under Maria’s guidance you will write a poem based on it.

Costs £20 per person. Maximum 15 places. Please book at Brindley box office 0151 907 8360.