Brindley: Common Ground

Elevation Planes, Tracy Hill
Elevation Planes, Tracy Hill

Saturday 23 April – Saturday 11 June 2016

Common Ground

Common Ground is an exhibition of works offering unique views and interpretations of spaces along the Mersey Estuary exploring journeys and experiences of travelling on foot.

Artists Greg Fuller, Jason Hicklin and Tracy Hill will produce new work developed from different locations along the Mersey each bringing their own unique perspective.

Through a multi-disciplinary approach this project will explore transient liminal spaces of the Mersey River. The historical significance as a natural port and harbour has shaped and defined communities along its banks, modern transport links and political boundaries. International trade routes established cultural connections between the region and the wider world while industrial developments exploited commercial potential and threatened its ecological heritage.

The three artists will walk and record their journeys encouraging debate of wider issues such as the need to document social histories and rights of way whilst balancing the protection of rare and vulnerable habitats.