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Brindley: ‘Bridging the Gap’

9 July – 6 August 2011 at the Brindley Arts Centre. ‘Bridging the Gap’ – 50 years of the Silver Jubilee Bridge and 1000 years of crossing the Mersey

This exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Silver Jubilee Bridge, but also marks the closure of the much loved Transporter Bridge and the history linking Runcorn and Widnes, by ferry, rail and road, reaching back almost 1000 years, and looking forward into the future.

Organised by the Runcorn and Widnes Historical Societies, with support from local historians and writers, and including images and objects lent by Halton Collections and those of the societies, this exhibition invites you to find out more about the various dreams, plans and achievements for crossing the River Mersey.

Photo by R. Martindale

The Brindley
High Street