The Bridewell Studios and Gallery: The Drifter’s Escape

The Scene of the Stratton Mountain Tragedy by Gareth Kemp
The Scene of the Stratton Mountain Tragedy by Gareth Kemp

3 May – TBC

Daily, 11.00 – 17.00

Private View: Thursday 2 May 2013 18.00-22.00

The Private View will include performances by Sonny Morris and Mark Pountney.

The Drifter’s Escape; an exhibition of paintings by Barry Charlton/Gareth Kemp/James Quin/Nick Sykes/Chiz Turnross.

The Drifter’s Escape is an exhibition of new paintings by five Liverpool artists. The exhibition is part of Liverpool Art Month and will include an exciting event called John Wesley Harding Revisited.   All five artists show paintings that pertain to the theme of The drifter’s Escape, either in very direct terms or very loosely; from Charlton’s historical portraits of Outlaws, Kemp’s paintings of constructed American landscapes showing scenes of death and tragedy, Nick Sykes’ quasi abstract landscapes/portraits steeped in myth and the outcasts, cowboys and drifters in the works by Quin and Turnross.

Curated by: Gareth Kemp

The exhibition takes place in the gallery within The Bridewell Studios and Gallery, housed in a former police station.

Bridewell Studios and Gallery, 101 Prescot Street, Liverpool, L7 8UL o151 263 6730




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