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Bridewell – As You See It

imageAs You See It – A selection of works by the service users of Crown Street Mental Health Resource Centre.
Organised by Dave Roberts and Keiron Finnetty.
Exhibition open 6 – 15 August 2008 Wed Thurs Fri 12 – 17.00

Curated by Keiron Finnetty, As You See It takes a grounded approach to the work, displaying it in its raw state with minimal intervention. Here, art is not just a creative process, but a form of therapy, a positive method of dealing with a mental health condition.

The exhibition offers a direct, honest and intimate experience of an ongoing therapeutic process, simultaneously confronting our desire to search for a higher meaning in artwork and challenging the viewer’s automatic acceptance of the work at face value.

About Crown Street: Crown Street Mental Health Resource Centre works with adults who have a severe and/or enduring mental health condition, providing a range of activities to meet the needs of its diverse user group. Crown Street works with its users to aid them on the road to recovery. Its staff group are currently seconded to Merseycare NHS Trust, with the building being supplied by social services.