Bluecoat Display Centre – Shanghai Exposure

shanghai-ken-eastman-100Shanghai Exposure
1 May -19 June 2010
As part of the artistic exhibition programme this year in Liverpool, Bluecoat Display Centre is celebrating the links that the city is proactively encouraging in 2010 with Shanghai, China. Liverpool is the only city apart from London to have its own pavilion at the large international expo that is taking place there during 2010. 


Historically, Liverpool has a long tradition of involvement with China, with China Trade ceramics, textiles and metalware being imported in huge quantities during the 18th and 19th centuries.

We are keen to explore contemporary influences of the Chinese culture that are present in the work of artists currently working in the U.K. and exhibit it at the Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool.

Featured artists :
Li-Sheng Cheng creates functional silverware and jewellery ranging from textured rings, earrings and bangles to unusual shaped dishes and beakers. Inherited from her Chinese culture and upbringing, she is inspired by the ideas and thoughts that “everything has a life, which should to be cherished and respected”.

Ken Eastman began working with the Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company in 2006. Working with original pattern manuscripts from the Derby factory archives, Eastman became absorbed in their originality and wonderful sense of colour and composition. The new range of work was launched in Paris, New York and London in 2009.

Claire Lowe
‘s work combines a selection of materials predominantly plastics, including acrylic sheet and epoxy and polyester resins. “I enjoy mixing materials to create new and exciting combinations, for example my use of tea leaves within resin”. This progressed from studying the traditions of loose tea and the introduction of the tea bag.

Paul Scott‘s work involves the digital manipulation of established vocabularies of printed motif, pattern and image from industrial ceramic archives and engraved book illustration. Cloning and collaging these, sometimes with photographic elements, ‘I create contemporary artworks in ceramic and printed form’.


Peter Ting is a highly creative and well-respected ceramics and crystal designer. Ting has worked for over 20 years within the luxury sector, currently with Asprey London, Royal Crown Derby and previously at Thomas Goode, both as design director and MD of Thomas Goode Manufacturing Unit.

Anthony Wong specialises in the design and manufacture of exciting, innovative, contemporary hand made jewellery and precious objects. Purity of materials, method and form captivates- Distilling and paring designs to the minimum form to produce a piece with a timeless interest, an element of fun and intangible beauty.

Ken Eastman