Bluecoat Display Centre – ‘Portfolio’

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Portfolio. Co-curated with Crafts Council of Ireland
Exhibition March 1 to April 19 2008

Featuring 12 Artists from the UK paired with 12 from the Irish ‘Portfolio’ scheme.

Stevan Hartung
Cheryl Brown
Sonja Landweer
Michael McCrory
Cormac Boydell
Berina Kelly
Karl Harron
Cara Murphy
Jane Jermyn
Bernie Leahy
Joe Hogan
Sara Flynn

United Kingdom
Edward Teasdale
Emma Rodgers
Halima Cassell
Li-Sheng Cheng
Thomas Hill
Kate Moult
Amanda Notarianni
Laura Baxter
Rebecca Gouldson
Stephen Dixon
Molly Rathbone
Mari-Ruth Oda




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