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Bluecoat Display Centre – New Blood

‘New Blood‘ 15 November – 3 January 2009
A series of commissioned art pieces inspired by the theme of dynamic blood flow.
Artists: Colette Gilmartin, Junko Mori, Syann van Niftrik, Catherine Hills and Caroline Scully

Roald Dahl Centre at Royal Liverpool Hospital, Philharmonic Hall and Bluecoat Display Centre

Where does applied art fit within a bustling NHS Haematology Unit? The Roald Dahl Centre based at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital has a history of commissioning bespoke artwork. Well-known names such as Rachel Howard and Tom Hill have provided a welcome facelift to the traditional hospital waiting room that has also been a venue for Liverpool Biennial 2006. Permanent art pieces are complemented by a continued program of temporary exhibitions that are designed to provoke intrigue and inspire contemplation from the stream of outpatients.

As part of the University of Liverpool engagement in the 2008 Capital of Culture celebrations, textile artist Colette Gilmartin has worked closely with Professor CH Toh and the Haematology Team to produce a series of newly commissioned works inspired by the theme of dynamic blood flow. Colette’s own phobia of blood has taken her on an interesting voyage of discovery. Her investigations were inspired by the hypnotic journey of blood and its interactions throughout the body.

The collection, entitled Inside Out, looks at the arrest of blood flow on an exaggerated scale. The fragile pieces are a visual representation of scientific images fused together with textile methods. Colette’s use of a simple repeated binding technique is akin to the Japanese technique shibori. The final outcomes are a series of sculptural pieces formed from fragile ladies hosieries, stretched and weighed down by dripping clusters of glass balls reminiscent of clots, veins, arteries and sinew. The commission forms part of a group exhibition entitled New Blood, showcasing a series of works from new and established designers.