Bluecoat Display Centre – In the Window: Thomas Hill

tom-hill-100In the Window: Thomas Hill
1 – 30 November 2009

The Bluecoat Display Centre are delighted to preview a new selection of work by Thomas Hill. Tom has been represented on our gallery stand at Collect in London and SOFA Chicago and has attracted an international audience for his wire ‘sketches’ of birds and animals.

Tom’s new work will be available to view and buy via our website from early November.

‘I have been a full-time artist since leaving college in 1994 and make pieces both for exhibitions and for corporate, public and private commissions. My pieces are made using mild steel wire, with additions of steel or copper sheet and copper meshes. I consider myself to be both a draftsman and a metalworker. My three-dimensional pieces are based on drawn studies of birds and animals in motion. I find that the steel wire I use behaves in much the same way as a quickly drawn line, and thus I am able to create, in effect, a three-dimensional ‘sketch.’

In this new group of pieces I decided to make a series of cut outs; fanciful drawings that build up ‘stage sets’ where the 3-dimensional pieces are displayed as if in a tableau vivant.’

Tom Hill