Bluecoat Display Centre – Hothouse

5 December 2009 – 16 January 2010

For the final exhibition of the Bluecoat Display Centre’s 50th Anniversary year programme we wanted to reflect on the makers we have had a long relationship with as well as looking to new and young makers, which has been a criteria in the Display Centre’s exhibition policy for many years. With this in mind we have asked 5 of our established jewellers to exhibit and to each nominate an up-and-coming jeweller, whose work interests, inspires and excites them, to be part of the same exhibition. 

Linda Jeanne Jones
has nominated Katie Holt
‘I work mainly in precious metals, designing and making jewellery to commission as well as making pieces for exhibitions and galleries. Designs are influenced by natural forms or by the theme of an exhibition or commission with which I may be involved.’
Katie Holt has been developing her skills by working with goldsmiths in London since graduating in 2007, her own work has developed with a delicate intricacy which is both refined and delicate.

Gail Klevan has nominated Helen Noakes
Gail’s jewellery has evolved by continuous experimentation with modern acrylic materials.  The pattern and drawing refract dense colour with metallic gold and silver undertones across smooth and sculpted optical acrylic surfaces.
Since 2004 Helen Noakes has been hoarding hard-to-find miniature figures (the focus of her resin & silver collection) and preserving them in eclectic and witty pieces of jewellery. Her clever designs include swimmers gliding around a resin & silver cuff, pendants with sheep grazing in green-dyed resin.

Susan May has nominated Anna Wales
‘Jeweller Susan May uses forging techniques to create three-dimensional silver drawings. The process of forging helps create the energy and movement of the final form. The dynamic structures beautifully enhance the moving body.’
Growth, revelation and transformation are ideas that continually appear within the work of Anna Wales. These concepts were first explored through the combination and relationships of different materials, focusing on felt and silver.

Kevin O’Dwyer has nominated Eily O’Connell
Kevin is an artist who creates in silver. A long and distinguished career has given rise to a body of work unsurpassed in modern silversmithing and its sheer volume is quite staggering.

Eily has used the process of casting to enabled her to cultivate new species or hybrid types by means of clever amalgamation.  A section of indigenous wood has been modified to incorporate insect claws which often grasp a piece of coloured stone or glass.

Marian Watson has nominated Satarupa Bradley
Marian’s approach to her work is similar to making a painting, drawing with metal in an organic way, adding textures and some details in gold and stones to give contrast in colour.


Satarupa works in silver and gold, incorporating precious and semi-precious stones and beads. ‘My pieces are of clean linear design. I create jewellery that is beautifully crafted, tactile and made to be worn’.

Admission Free

Bangle by Eily O Connell