Bluecoat Display Centre – Golden Age of Lettering

golden-age-of-lettering-100Golden Age of Lettering
26 June – 7 August 2010

‘A Golden Age of Lettering’ encompasses thought provoking projects by a range of designer makers touching ceramics, jewellery and architecture. There is an explosion of work within this category, and we will be featuring pieces by Rosella Garavaglia, Claire Hillerby, Deborah Hopson-Wolpe, Eleanor Suggett, Christine Toh and Jessica Turrell. We will also be featuring a small press section accompanying the exhibition with work by Hand & Eye Letterpress, and Harrington and Squires. 

The Bluecoat Display Centre is proud to present a select number of makers within this typographic influence….”

Jessica Turrell trained in jewellery and enamel at Central School of Art, London. She established a studio in Bristol. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Over the last few years I have undertaken research into mark making in enamel using non-traditional techniques.

Claire Hillerby trained in jewellery at Edinburgh College of Art. ‘Handwriting forms the starting point for my work due to my interest in message making. Old postcards and letters are sourced, sections taken then translated into new contemporary stories.’

Deborah Hopson-Wolpe
Language is a constant theme in Deborah’s work. She makes a variety of hand built and thrown functional forms, these are usually decorated with words using Albertus, her father’s, Berthold Wolpe, typeface. The viewer’s eye is often encouraged to follow the perimeter of a surface, through the desire to read the text applied.

Rana Salam
is one of the most well known and celebrated graphic designers from the Middle East. The exhibition will feature a collection of Rana Salam’s colourful, contemporary statement prints inspired by her trips from and around the Middle East.

Rosella Garavaglia
is an artist working on a wide range of calligraphy and lettering projects. My main interest is to explore the expressive potential of the written word through various media and writing implements including the brush, fabric, wood, stone, glass and collage.

Eleanor Suggett graduated with a first class Honours from Central Saint Martins in July of 2007, Eleanor returned to Merseyside, where she lives and works, and runs a small design consultancy. Traditional yet innovative, she specialises in typography, pattern and illustration, importantly working with comprehensive, ethical and eco-friendly printing techniques.

Christine Toh has been a print maker for the last fifteen years but has always been interested in textiles. She finally decided to explore and experiment with textiles while studying Fashion and Textile Design at John Moores University, Liverpool. She has now decided to establish her practice as an innovative artist, textile artist and designer.

We are including a small press book section, featuring work by Hand & Eye Letterpress Unlike most modern printers, we use only letterpress machines. The process gives our work a rich, distinctive appearance.

Harrington & Squires
is a small private press founded in 2002 by designer/ typographers Chrissie Charlton and Vicky Fullick Circle Press was originally formed in 1967 by Ron King. The press, since that time, has produced artists’ editions of text, poetry posters and pamphlets.