Bluecoat Display Centre – Elisabeth Zuckerman Memorial Exhibition

imageBluecoat Display Centre – Original Venue Re-opened.
Exhibitions at Display Centres One and Two
7 June – 2 August 2008

Gabriele Koch and Robin Welch – The Elisabeth Zuckerman Memorial Exhibition


Bluecoat Display Centre at rear of the Bluecoat, School Lane – Gabriele Koch

Gabriele Koch is a ceramicist who has been intensively studying the form of the vessel for years, the comprehension of volume and its relationship to space. Gabriele was born in Germany and now lives and works in London. Gabriele is using pinching and hand-coiling techniques, which require no equipment at all. It is a primitive technique and it allows the artist great freedom and opportunity to build pots of prodigious size. She has devoted herself to exploring the technique of smoke-fired burnished ceramics. Because of the labour-intensive nature of her technique, she can only produce a limited number of pots per year and no one pot can ever be the same as another in pattern or colour.

Bluecoat Display Centre II, 54 Hanover St


Robin Welch, has developed a considerable reputation for his freely constructed individual pots over the last 30 years, the making of which has been interspersed with tableware production, architectural work, teaching and residencies in Australia and the United States.

His ceramic education was unusually broad. While at Penzance School of Art, he spent weekends at the Leach Pottery learning much about his materials, but his time at the Central School took him beyond the Oriental world. Innovative teachers like William Turnbull and Gordon Baldwin helped Welch to look outside the ceramic orbit for ideas, initiating a broader more sculptural perspective. He learnt that good pots could develop out of the discipline of drawing in the same way that painting does.

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