The Bluecoat – TRACE as part of Global Studio

11 – 23 May 2010
TRACE, the third part of The Royal Standard‘s contribution to Global Studio exhibition. Curated by Laurence Payot, questions the meaning of documentation in today’s art practice, where networks are extending globally, forcing artists to give access to their work beyond its local presentation.

The documentation of work (photography, sound, text, etc) travels through the channels of word of mouth, websites, catalogues, limited editions, often as a representative of the work, sometimes as the work itself, or even as evidence for a work that never happened…

The works presented reveals how documentation has played a vital role in art throughout the years, and how contemporary artists use the concept of documenting not only as a trace but as an integral part of their work.

Karin Kihlberg (Sweden/UK) & Reuben Henry (UK)
Aaron Head (UK)
Leo Durand (France)
Helen Brown (UK)
Andrew Sunderland (UK)
Aillie Rutherford (UK)
Low Profile (UK)
Rubric (UK)
Laurence Payot (France/UK)

Venue details

Laurence Payot ‘I’ve seen them all before.’
– 350 postcards of iconic images from art history, flipped


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