The Bluecoat: The Void

The Bluecoat: The Void

26 April – 29 June

Opening times: 10am – 6pm. Open till 9pm on Friday 18 May for Light Night.

Venue: Top Floor, the Bluecoat, School Lane, L1 3BX


The Void by Lucy Fry / Rosalind Hargreaves / Jeanne-Marie Kenny / Lisa Cole Kronenburg / Robert Porter / Markus Soukup / Christine Toh


A diverse group of artists from the Bluecoat are exploring, challenging and
embracing ‘Void.’ ‘The concept of the Void represents what cannot be depicted, defined or fully understood. Markus Soukup, Lucy Fry, Lisa Cole Kronenburg, Rosalind Hargreaves, Robert Porter, Christine Toh and Jeanne-Marie Kenny will respond to the quality of absence.