The Bluecoat – The Tiny Touring Round The World Exhibition

tiny-touring-round-the-world-100The Tiny Touring Round The World Exhibition
24 May – 6 June 2010

For the fourth part of The Royal Standard‘s contribution to Global Studio exhibition, The Tiny Touring Round The World Exhibition, curated by Kevin Hunt, is a collection of artworks and documentation generated through encounters with artists and curators on a recent trip across the globe.

“The Tiny Touring Round The World Exhibition saw a selection of art by Liverpool based artists travel across the globe within my backpack, disseminating these works in a variety of manners from the end of January until the start of May 2010. From Hong Kong to Brazil, via New Zealand, Los Angeles, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, these small works in a range of media were exhibited temporarily, manifesting themselves in a variety of guises at various galleries, cities and public spaces across the globe that i visit during my travels.

Each time the project was exhibited, a work may have been produced or left behind, being placed within the collection of an artist, curator or gallerist i met in return for the donation of a work to be added to The Royal Standard’s permanent collection or the assistance in the making of a new work in a constantly evolving maliable exhibition.

By pushing accepted notions of collection, acquisition, production and display the Tiny Touring Round The World Exhibition aims to realise new modes of engagement, simultaneously on a global and minute scale, working as an artist and curator within my current locality at any given time, whilst forging international links between Liverpool and abroad.” – Kevin Hunt

Featuring the work of:

Liverpool based artists: Ailie Rutherford , Craig Atkinson , Emily Speed , Jemma Egan , Katherine Lloyd , Laurence Payot , Mike Carney , Nicki McCubbing , Ross Dalziel, Sam Venables

International artists: Cornelia Erdman, Daniel Joglar, Karin Godnic, Lee Kit,  Metod Blejec, Selene Simcox, Veronica Gomez

‘PicniCrit’ (Discussion event): Tuesday 1 June 2010, 18.00

Venue details

Lee Kit ‘I gave a hand-painted cloth to Kevin, who I met in HK few month ago. As I know, he used it as picnic blanket somewhere.’


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