The Bluecoat – The End of the Line: Attitudes in Drawing

imageThe End of the Line: Attitudes in Drawing
22 May – 19 July 2009

The End of the Line: Attitudes to Drawing is a Hayward Touring exhibition exploring and celebrating fresh approaches to drawing in contemporary art. The exhibition is organised in collaboration with the Bluecoat, Liverpool and Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art and in association with The Drawing Room, London.

The exhibition introduces new or recent works by 11 highly acclaimed international artists, many of whom have not been shown in the UK before. Collectively they explore the fundamental elements of drawing, and show through their individual practice the possibilities of the medium, as the works blur the line between landscape, portrait, still life, graphic design and comics. Drawing floundered in the late 20th century due to a more academic and conceptual approach to teaching but has recently undergone a resurgence in popularity. 

Just as the stylistic parameters of drawing have expanded, so has the range of artists attracted to it. This exhibition includes animation by the Japanese artist Naoyuki Tsuji, who uses the residue marks that charcoal leaves to create delicate animations; the Belgian painter and draughtsman Michaël Borremans who plays with perspective and size to make the characters in his paintings take on a cinematic quality; Fernando Bryce who appropriates graphic imagery from colonial era newspapers and magazines, and skilfully translates photography into his own in pen and ink; and Polish artist Monika Grzymala who encircles walls in swathes of lines created by vinyl strips (see the image below).
The eleven artists are: Jan Albers (Namibia/Germany), Michaël Borremans (Belgium), Marc Brandenburg (Germany), Fernando Bryce (Peru/Germany), Kate Davis (New Zealand/UK), Kim Hiorthøy (Norway/ Germany), Monika Grzymala (Poland), David Haines (UK/Netherlands), Garrett Phelan (Ireland), Naoyuki Tsuji (Japan) and Sandra Vasquez de la Horra (Chile/ Germany).

To coincide with The End of the Line, Monika Grzymala has created Ruptures, a new site-specific installation for her solo exhibition at The Drawing Room, London.  This installation will be reconfigured by the artist for The End of the Line at the Bluecoat, Liverpool and The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.

The exhibition has been realised with the financial support of the Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam.

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Monika Grzymala ‘Transition’ 2006 (detail).
Courtesy the artist and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York