the Bluecoat – Liverpool Live. Blackmarket

imageBlackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge No.11 is a lively installation full of hustle, bustle and brains which will have 50 experts sitting at numerous individual tables, sharing their knowledge with members of the audience over thirty minute one-to-one sessions.
Saturday 29 November 2008. Check-in 19.00 Start 20.00

The Blackmarket event is free, and members of the public can listen in to any of the conversations, or for £1 (or even €1), you can book an expert for your own private half hour dialogue. Get to the check-in early though, or you may find yourself having to do some serious bribing and bartering to get near your expert of choice!

Pick Your Brains and Expand Your Non-Knowledge here!

This unique art installation takes traditional methods of knowledge transfer out of the stuffy archives and hushed library reading rooms, and throws them into an arena of discussion and banter, taking on the buzz of market stalls and stock exchanges. Blackmarkets have so far taken place in Berlin, Vienna, Istanbul, Warsaw, Hamburg and Graz.

The topic for the Liverpool edition is: ‘ON WASTE. The Disappearance and Comeback of Things and Values.’ Experts have been invited from the diverse fields of garbology, ecology, philosophy, economy, pathology, entomology and alchemy (those who know how to make gold from dirt).