The Bluecoat: i-Scan

26 April 2014

10.00 – 18.00

Free, just turn up.

i-Scan responds to the exhibition which reflects artists’ experimentation with computers, rapid-form and 3D scanning and digital multiplication. ‘Scanning is riddled with an internal contradiction: is it a close reading or a glance?’ asks the exhibition’s curator Jo Stockham.

Find out how artists, writers and theorists are engaging with such questions and using scanning creatively as a kind of translation taking many forms. The day includes talks and discussions by Jo Stockham, Mark Wright, Nathan Jones, Hans-JörgPochmann, Margaret Rahaim and Charlie Gere, on topics such as textiles & the digital and the creative possibilities that scanning has opened up.

Come and see the 3D Doodle in action – the first hand held 3D printer. There will also be other demonstrations and opportunities to join in led by our Print Studio Manager Fran Disley and by representatives from Maplins and Curries.

For more information and to view the full schedule, visit here.



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