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global-studio-10masks-Wuon-Gean-Ho-100Global Studio Exhibition
9 April – 20 June 2010
From Linz to Liverpool, artists from different parts of the world will be collaborating for the Bluecoat’s new exhibition. Global Studio showcases the work of Liverpool artists who have forged international networks outside the city, alongside their global colleagues.

Over 30 artists have been invited to develop exhibition proposals, resulting in five different yet connected displays by artists from Austria, France, Germany, Japan, Pakistan and Merseyside, working in printmaking, video, painting and installation.

As the country’s oldest arts centre, the Bluecoat has a rich history of providing a hub where artists, from the local to the international, can create and exhibit their art.

And through Global Studio, the featured artists will reveal the workings of a studio, as gallery 1 is turned into a temporary project space. Beginning with a unique collaboration between artists from Liverpool and Linz in Austria, the work in this section will be constantly changing. Visitors will get a revealing look into artist practices and experience the development of ideas and communication between artists.

Since becoming an arts centre over 100 years ago, the Bluecoat has housed luminaries such as Van Gogh, Cézanne and Picasso, but many artists have presented their work here at an early stage in their career, including several future Turner Prize winners.

Global Studio is part of an ongoing process of nurturing studio groups and individual artists as they develop their practice, providing an opportunity for them to showcase their work on a larger platform.

Roohi Ahmed
, Pete Clarke, Georg Gartz, Wuon-Gean Ho and Carl Rowe highlight the impact of globalism in contemporary printmaking. Their presentation is accompanied by residencies in the Bluecoat print studio by Neil Morris and Wuon-Gean Ho.

Liverpool artists’ collective POST Katriona Beales, Jennie Cunningham, Cecilia Kinnear, Susan Meyerhoff Sharples, Amanda Oliphant, Claire Weetman and Robyn Woolston exhibit alongside Claudia Czimek, Marlene Haderer, Haruko Maeda, Gerlinde Miesenboeck, Barbara Musil, Beate Rathmayr and Karo Szmit, seven artists from Linz, the Austrian 2009 European Capital of Culture. Taking the theme of riposte (translated as “reply”) the collaboration contributes to Liverpool Capital of Culture’s legacy and questions how such events impact on local artists and their work.

Jemma Egan, Kevin Hunt, Hamish McLain and Laurence Payot from Liverpool studio group The Royal Standard interrogate how they operate as artists, living and working in Liverpool, connected with other artists globally and nationally, through a series of changing gallery installations. At the same time, Kevin Hunt will develop his Tiny Touring Round the World Exhibition, which features works by Liverpool artists and which he is currently showing as he travels in Asia and South America. Kevin is also adding new works to the show by international artists from the cities where the project is displayed.

Nicolas Moulin, Bernadette O’Toole, James Quin, Henry Tietzch-Tyler and Christine Arnold, artists from Liverpool and Berlin, investigate space through architecture, time, history and psychology. Here they collaborate around ideas of exchange and rootedness, to extend their practices beyond their usual frame of reference.

The Vide space is occupied by installations from Lin Holland, based on her experiences during a recent residency in Karachi, and by her host in Pakistan, Sadia Salim, who is in residence at the Bluecoat and Liverpool Hope University in April.

Artists in Global Studio and others turn Gallery 1 into a temporary project space, reflecting the changing nature of artists’ studios and practices:

Fri 9 – Sun 18 April: artists from Liverpool and Linz

Tue 20 – Sun 25 April: Blue Room studio and exhibition

Wed 28 April – Fri 9 May: Lin Holland and Sadia Salim

Wed 12 – Sun 23 May: art students from Liverpool John Moores University

Wed 26 May – Sun 6 June: Neil Morris print residency work

Wed 9 – Sun 20 June: video work by printmaker Carl Rowe

Exhibitions curator at the Bluecoat, Sara-Jayne Parsons said: “Visitors to the Bluecoat galleries will enjoy a diversity of themes, ideas and approaches in the exhibition that highlights the significant work that Liverpool-based artists are doing outside of the city. Simultaneously, they will have an opportunity to witness artists at work.  Some of the galleries will become working studios and as such a place to experiment. Creative processes that usually happen behind closed studio doors will be revealed.”

Venue details

Oscillation Salutation by Jemma Egan


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