the Bluecoat – Dadafest: Objects of Curiosity & Desire

Tanya-Raabe-100Dadafest 2010: Objects of Curiosity & Desire. 18 November – 3 December 2010
Exploring the human body, its quirks, questions and endless fascinations, Objects of Curiosity and Desire presents work in a range of media.
Artists: Ju Gosling aka ju90, Simon Mckeown, Tanya Raabe, Tom Shakespeare, Yinka Shonibare

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Perception I-IV Ju Gosling aka ju90

Through the playful evocation of Matisse’s Backs, these lightboxes examine the significance of the nude in art history and its relationship with the disabled body.

DaDaFest Commission.

Motion Disabled- Simon Mckeown


This new video in the series integrates motion capture and 3D animation, highlighting the intricacies and uniqueness of individuals’ physicality.

DaDaFest Commission.

Friday 3 December, 5-late – Mckeown’s latest work in hi Motion Disabled series, featuring Claire Cunningham, will be projected onto the George’s Dock Ventilation Tunnel.

R:Evolve-Tanya Raabe

This interactive installation explores four women’s diverse perspectives of the female nude in contemporary culture.

UK Premiere.

Incarnate-Tom Shakespeare

Based on historical paintings, Shakespeare’s highly stylised photographs, examine birth, death and the vulnerability of embodiment.

Odette and Odile- Yinka Shonibare MBE Shonibare’s short film lampoons and undermines notions of cultural authenticity, simultaneously innocent and subversive, he addresses a range of cultural and historical issues blurring the boundaries of design ethnography and contemporary art.

Audio Described.

Please note, Odette and Odile will be showing on 18 November (5pm–10pm), 22 Nov (10am–6pm), 2 24-26 & 28 Nov (10am–12pm), 27 Nov (12.30–6pm) only.

Sputnik- A project of possibilities The Kinetic installation will be in the Bluecoat courtyard. Created by Sharmanka’s master sculpture Eduard Bersudsky in collaboration with Fittings Artistic Director Garry Robson, it explores the possibilities of flesh and steel hard-wired to the imagination.

Watch Sputnik come alive every day at 12pm and 4pm and look out for free performances accompanying the work involving local performers and artists in association with Merseyside Dance Initiative, including a workshop on Tuesday 23 November at 4pm.

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