the Bluecoat: An Audience with Jean Michel Van Schouwburg / Voice Workshop

18 October 2014


Phil Morton & Mark Hanslip present an audience with Jean Michel Van SchouwburgLoosely described as a voice workshop, local artists are invited to attend this rare opportunity to explore free improvisation in the voice and music with an established practioner from Belgium.

Participants: Designed with vocalists in mind, there may be room for 1 – 2 instrumentalists to attend.
Interested? Send an email to

Members of the swim ( sound workshops in music ) list, register your interest via the doodle link that was provided to you by email. .

Jean Michel Van Schouwburg is one of the rare male improvising singers who is defying the human voice possibilities and extremities.

Find out more about the artist.

Jean Michel will be returning in January 2015 to perform with a trio TRIO 876.


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