Eight Days a Week – Ulrike Oeter


EIGHT DAYS AT THE BLUECOAT PROJECT SPACE. 13-19 October 2008. Ulrike Oeter
Eight Days A Week is taking out a 3 month lease on the ‘Artist in Residence Space at the Bluecoat’, Liverpool to function as an activity and resource space for artists from October 1st – December 31st 2008.

This will provide a base for a range of creative activities where artists from Liverpool and Cologne can continue the unique cultural exchange programme to develop links with educational and cultural institutions in the city.

Ulrike Oeter October 13-19

Ulrike’s work explores and researches history and representation through evocative site related installations and interventions. She will create the Strassenmuseum [street museum] to engage with particular histories of Liverpool to develop dialogue and engage with the public.



In Liverpool I will show the images of Jewish children of the Kindertransport 1938/39 who were rescued by British families and institutions. I will present mementoes of children mounted on felt and transparent paper, exposed in chests, drawers and shelves in my MOBILE STREET MUSEUM.