Bluecoat – Shine Exhibition

imageShine at the Bluecoat: Exhibition 24 & 25 January 2009
The Bluecoat is hosting an exhibition that will be a grand culmination of the workshops and competitions, which took place between April and December 2008, as part of the award winning Shine at the Bluecoat in association with Yorkshire Bank.

To celebrate the nine month project, which gave young people across Merseyside the opportunity to get creative at the Bluecoat, Liverpool’s Creative Apprentices have been working together to present an exhibition of Shine highlights. The Shine at the Bluecoat exhibition will preview at 6.30pm on Friday 23 January 2009, and will then be open to the public during gallery hours (10.00am – 6.00pm) on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 January 2009.

These masterclasses gave young creatives the opportunity to work with professional artists, craftspeople, musicians and authors to develop their skills. The sessions also made the most of the multi art-form building itself, with many of the artists, print makers, choreographers and jewellery designers involved being based here.

At the Arts Council England art08 awards in November 2008, the Bluecoat and Yorkshire Bank received the Creative Sparks award for Shine.

The exhibition will showcase the winning pieces along with video footage of the masterclasses. Some of the finished creations that have come out of the masterclasses have already been on public view. ‘Lamsa’ the Superlambanana took pride of place in the front courtyard thoughout the Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival, and for the environmental design themed Shine, a unique Christmas Tree made from recycled school desks was constructed in the Hub.


The website played a major part in the activities, allowing people to participate and submit their entries from home. Computers will be set up as part of the weekend exhibition so that visitors can interact with the seven competitions all over again. Workshops will also be taking place throughout the weekend exhibition. In addition to these, families are invited to join in with our regular ‘Explore in the Hub’ activities on Sunday 25 February. Explore takes place between 12.00 – 4.00pm and the drop-in art sessions are free for all to participate