The Atkinson: Great Art On Screen

25 – 26 July 2014

See all 3 Exhibitions on Screen for just £10

Manet Portraying Life25 July, 18.30, Tickets £4

Munch 150, 26 July, 14.30, Tickets £4

Vermeer and Music, 26 July, 16.30, Tickets £4

Award-winning arts documentary maker Phil Grabsky has launched a ground-breaking project to connect major exhibitions from across the world.

This global first aims to allow art lovers to enjoy, marvel and delight at the works of some of history’s greatest ever painters. in association with Seventh Art Productions and BY Experience, (pioneers of global cinema events) have created a series of ground-breaking art event films for cinema: EXHIBITION: Great Art On Screen.

Manet Portraying Life was an eagerly awaited exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. The first ever retrospective devoted to the portraiture of Edouard Manet. Spanning this enigmatic and, at times, controversial artist’s entire career Manet: Portraying Life brought together works from across Europe, Asia and the USA.

Manet’s portraiture has never been explored in exhibition form, despite it forming around half of his artistic output. He painted his family, friends and the literary, political and artistic figures of the day, giving life not only to his subjects but also to Parisian society. The exhibition consisted of more than 50 works; including portraits of his most frequent sitter, his wife Suzanne Leenhoff, luminaries of the period; Antonin Proust, Émile Zola and Stéphane Mallarmé, along with scenes from everyday life revealing Manet’s forward-thinking, modern approach to portraiture.

The film revealed exclusive behind-the-scenes moments of the exhibition’s preparation, which normally go unseen by the public, and interwove a detailed, superbly crafted biography of Manet and 19th century Paris. Host Tim Marlow and special guests looked at the craft of one of the all-time great artists, the ‘father of modern art’.

The programme of exhibitions continues with Munch 150 and exhibition marking the 150th anniversary of his birth.  This exhibition is the biggest retrospective of Evdard Munch’s work ever organised.

Already hailed as a “onceinalifetime showMunch 150 is co‐hosted by the National Museum, Oslo and the Munch Museum, Oslo. The Curators ‐ Nils Olsen, Mai Britt Guleng and Jon‐Ove Steihaug – offer their expert insight to host Tim Marlow.

Featured paintings include; The Sick Child (1885–86), The Girls on the Bridge (1901),The Death of Marat (1907), Self‐Portrait Between the Clock and the Bed (1940–43) and Munch’s Frieze of Life which is composed of some of his most famous works including The Scream (1893).

Finally the programme ends with Vermeer and Music. Johannes Vermeer painted little more than 30 works, and the National Gallery has chosen to focus on his art in relation to music in order to gain new and revealing insights. Our event film also goes beyond the exhibition to tell the story of Vermeer’s life and, in doing so, will show many others of the artist’s great works. The beautiful film will appeal to anyone keen to know more about the man who painted The Girl with the Pearl Earring.

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