Artwork Studios: Distant Horizons

4 June – Saturday 29 August 2015


A collection of coastal landscapes by Cheshire artist, Chris Howard which convey the romance & serenity of remembered landscapes with gentle horizons & widening skies. Stand for a moment & allow yourself to become immersed in the memory of a place of a time when you felt completely at peace with your surroundings.

The exhibition is open from 4 June, but please also join us on 23 July for an informal evening to enjoy the exhibition & relax in the lovely creative atmosphere here in our Studios. You can also browse around the Studio Space to see what our 8 resident artists have been getting up to. You are welcome to bring guests or to mention this to anyone you feel may appreciate coming along to experience the warmth of this inspiring environment.

Artwork Studios & Gallery, Northwich, Cheshire


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