Arena – Trip Through My Window

imageTrip Through My Window
10 – 25 July 2009

New works by Anna Ketskemety.  Often using personal photography and her early background in architecture as a reference point, Ketskemety’s work explores the relationships between the flat surface and her constructs by employing painting as an exploratory method that calls into question the distinction between the painting and the object.
Utilising common materials such as found wood and considered spatial concerns within the creation, composition and placement of all of her works, Ketskemety’s paintings and constructs are personal works that become viewpoints – or windows – for the artist as well as the viewer, offering a unique perspective of narrative, form and technique.

Themes of home and hospitality are prominent throughout her work from portraits of friends in their homes to her constructs made out of retrieved and consequently modified wood that recall domestic furniture. Her three dimensional works playfully manipulate space using folded planes and panels to create pieces that often contain a hidden surface masked by another element in the work.

The requirement to move the element, thus giving the object the possibility of existing in more than one state is inspired by classic De Stijl architecture such as the Rietveld Shröder House in the Netherlands.

Anna Ketskemety is a member of Arena Studios.


Enter through Leaf Tea Shop & Bar, Elevator Building, 27 Parliament Street
Press buzzer on back wall near lift to call Gallery.

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Jack and Delores (2009) Acrylic on found wood